August Travel Update

Hi folks,

Well…we call this a travel update, but sadly there is not much travel going on.

Naturally our Rx1 & Rx2 Coast-Canberra-Coast service is on hold for now. Until we get the all-clear from both sides of the border, we wait.

There are exemptions, for medical reasons for example. We can possibly make a trip over for those reasons. It’s best to give us a call if you are in that category.

Right now, clear info seems scarce and often contradictory. You are not alone if you think that. We’ll update more when we have more.

Kings Highway Closure

So the guys are still doing work on the Clyde Mountain and that will be ongoing into December. Just today they announced a revised closure schedule, that is a bit friendlier.

The closing times will be:

  • 31 Aug to 16 Sep: 8am-3pm – Tuesday to Thursday only.
  • 5 Oct to early Dec: 8am-4pm – Tuesday to Thursday only.

For us it will only affect the morning run from coast to Canberra – and will likely mean we leave a littler earlier, nothing more.

The area to be closed are the fun winding bits between Misty Mountain Road and River Forest Road (you know, the Pooh Corner area).

We’ll keep you updated if there are changes here also.

For now, stay safe and see you soon.