Applications for the 2021 Seniors $250 Travel Card are now open

Hello all!

Last year, we spoke about the $250 Regional Travel Card for Seniors. It is a great little bonus from Service NSW that gives those eligible $250 for any travel related expenses.

For those eligible, it was available in 2020 and is again available in 2021. That’s two cards for each person – and each being for $250.

Here is the super happy fun part: It can be used on our buses and trips as well as on trains, for petrol and other travel expenses. 


Full eligibility details and the application are here:

It is available to those receiving and a Pension or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders.

How to get one

You apply through Service NSW. You can apply online via the link above, call 13 77 88 or jog into a Service NSW office. The online application is very easy and takes no time.

What you get

Once you apply, they send a visa debit card with a $250 credit. With that you can travel the world and elsewhere! Well not really, but it will get you somewhere. It is worth doing.

Stay safe and see you soon!