Have you got your $250 Seniors Travel Card?

Hello all!

In case you did not know, Service NSW offer a $250 travel card that can be used for things such as fuel, train trips and of course Rixons Travel.

It is available to Pension or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders.

Full eligibility details and the application are here:


The card is available this year and next year, for $250 each year. That is $500 worth of travel – not too bad!

How to get one

It is through Service NSW. You can apply online, call 13 77 88 or jog into a to a Service NSW office.

What you get

Once you apply, they sent out what is a visa debit card. With that you can travel the world! Well not really, but it gets you somewhere.

Rixons Travel and Tours

You can use it for our Canberra service or one of our tours. Just on that, we are doing a little behind the scenes planning for our next tours. While the dates are uncertain, we know we have Great Ocean Road, the Ghan and a few other ideas in mind. We will of course let you know when we have more info.

Stay safe!