Rixons Norfolk Island Tour – FAQs and Fun Info

July Tour – Taking Bookings Now

Hello folks,

We are taking bookings for the trip to lovely Norfolk Island. A few questions keep popping up – and we thought it will make a good FAQ email to those interested.

How to do we get there?

We travel to Sydney to take a domestic flight direct to Norfolk.

Do we need Passports?

No. This is a domestic flight. You just need photo ID like any other domestic flight.

Is Norfolk a different country?

No, it’s a territory, governed by NSW.

What about Quarantine?

Residents from Australia are free to enter Norfolk Island without quarantine – as long as they have not travelled from any declared COVID-19 hotspots.

Are there any known cases on Norfolk Island?


Have we been there before?

Yes we have and it was wonderful! We look forward to going back.

Norfolk Island Christmas in July Details

Thursday 15th July – Friday 23rd July

Join us for nine fun filled days on this amazing island adventure.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Colleen McCullough Homestead tour
  • Night as a convict
  • Island fish fry
  • Sound and Light show
  • Progressive dinner
  • Breakfast bushwalk
  • Glass bottom boat…… and more

$4195 Twin Share $4950 Single

Call us to chat: 02 4474 4243

Did you know?

And here are a few things you may not have know about Norfolk:

  1. The Norfolk Island phone book has a listing of people by their nicknames, see below.
  2. It has its own language – Norf’k. Unique phrases include Wataweih (Hello), Watawieh Yorlye? (how are you?) and Kushu (good).
  3. Cows have right or way on the Island, not cars. So mooove over Mal.
  4. Fishing is not called fishing. It’s called catching, because there are so many fish, it’s easy.
  5. Bounty Day celebrates the birth of the current unique Norfolk culture and is the island’s most important historical event – the infamous mutiny against Lieutenant Bligh on the Royal Navy vessel HMAV Bounty.
  6. Thanks to strict customs laws, the island has some unique flora and fauna. There are over 40 unique plant species and no snakes!
  7. Nearly all locals produce their own fresh produce on Norfolk so you are bound to get a good meal or two.

We expect this one to be another great trip, so please join us.

Call Sue, Judy or one of the team on 02 4474 4243.